Saturday, February 11, 2017

Night in Windham

Night in Windham
Acrylic 12" x 16"

This is my first attempt at an on location painting at night.  I learned a lot - the usual mixture of things to do and things not to do next time.  I'm sure I broke pretty much every "rule" about painting night scenes - but I had a blast.  Overall the picture came out too dark.  

I'll definately use this painting as the basis of numerous other subjects - combining elements that were present in the scene or others that I've witnessed in other settings.  I'll do some thumbnail sketches to try different compositions and then perhaps some tonal sketches before developing ideas further.  This type of studio work after doing on location paintings I've grown to enjoy very much.  

Some examples include - a barn with a snow covered roof catching the light of the moon;  The acutal barn is a quanset hut, but I would change that to an old barn (many different styles to choose from);

A scene with the moon rising above the trees, providing dramatic back lighting as I observed throughout the earlier evening.  By the time I painted this, the moon was high in the sky and obscured by clouds.

Other possible iterations could include animals in the moonlight or , as can often be seen at this time of year, skiers or snowmobiles in the far field.

This painting was also done on a canvas I primed with gesso and then a coat of burnt sienna.  It made it easy to quickly cover the canvas - but it also may have contributed to the overall darkness of the painting.  I'll experiment on future paintings with the effects of undercoating color on the overall painting.

Below is a photo of my paintbox with the pallette looking a bit abstract.

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