Saturday, March 18, 2017

What to do after an art show opening? Paint of course

Paint of course!

I enjoyed the opening of the show at River Arts last evening.  So many differnt artists, styles, and media.  I spent more time studying abstract works than I think I've ever done before.  I don't know if its because some of my latest subjects (winter / ice) have had an abstract quality about them or not.

Had a great dinner with Ari and Julie and when we got home I headed down to the studio and began work on a new watercolor based on earlier studies.   First Pass at compositional study.

First pass at larger watercolor last evening.

Then I referred back to the sketches made on location and took a quick trip back to the location for a few more details.  I went back to the comp study and indicated the foreground river bank and trees.  As well as some other work on hardwoods on the island.


Below is the final painting with those details mentioned above and some ice build up where the current continues to etch away at the ice.  Will not set this one aside for reconsideration later.  

I rarely decide if a painting is complete and ready for framing immediately.  I find some time and distrance from a paitning provides me with a "fresh look" at the subject.  I don't like to pick or fuss over a painting - and usually finish a painting in one or two sessions - but one never knows.

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