Sunday, February 12, 2017

After the Storm, Lisbon Falls

After the Storm, Lisbon Falls
Acrylic 12" x 16"

This acrylic was painted the same day I completed an on location sketch - while the composition and colors were fresh in my mind.  This was from a winter or two ago.  Big storm coming in, up to another two feet of snow.  Am looking forward to seeing the results of the storm (but not to shoveling out).

I was struck by the color of the ice and the trees all being weighed down by snow and ice.  The scene changed quite quickly once the sun worked its way through the clouds melting the ice and snow.

Another thing that I enjoy about painting on location is that I observe things that I wouldn't know to make up or to include in a purely studio based painting.  For instance, in the painting the lines of snow (cracks in the ice) help compositionaly, but it also indicates how hard the wind had been blowing (snow off the ice) and also that the ice freezes in different locations at different times.


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